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We’ve built mutually beneficial relationships with these businesses and delivered integrated business solutions with measureable ROI.

Everything should be thought of as a contribution to your overall brand image.

Whether it is providing strategic council in developing platforms that enhance an already established brand
Or developing a strategic plan and executing the brand development for a new startup
We believe brand equals personality. By aiming for remarkable Betwixt has successfully integrated business solutions that deliver ROI for these brands.


Bob Barret launched Maverick Media + Communications to deliver creative dynamic corporate videos in a collaborative environment.  For each project, Bob brings together the right team of talented professionals harnessing leading edge technologies and dynamic original productions at very competitive costs. 

Why we work with Bob: Bob’s passion as a videographer allows him to capture the moment and deliver dynamic imagery all the while bringing our clients story to life.

John Hale launched Hale Food and Associates to help small to medium-sized businesses with technical innovation.  His team of professionals includes sensory evaluation, new product developers, gastronomists, factory designers, restaurant menu designers and culinary trends.  His team works in all areas of the food and beverage industry from manufacturing, through retail to high-class restaurants.

Why we work with John: We tap into John’s expertise to provide guidance and expertise to our clients so that they too, can produce superior products.

Buffy has years of experience with corporate clients and freelance work on brand design, packaging, photography and styling. She has an incredible eye for detail and has the ability to translate features and elements into creating something that is truly distinctive and personalized.

Why we work with Buffy: Buffy is a freelance designer with a passion for capturing the vision of our clients through the art of design. 

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